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When she was 15 years old, Adora developed a love for sewing learning the art from her grandmother, to support her family she left her province of Antique at the age of 17 to find work in a sewing factory in Bulacan in Central Luzon. Determined to develop herself, she returned home to antique and took work as a cutter sewer while pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. Soon Adora began accepting sewing jobs from her own customers. This was a most difficult time for Adora, as she was simultaneously managing her studies, working at the shop, and finishing job orders at home. She was also the sole breadwinner of her family.

Adora joined ASHI in 2003, and used her first ASHI loan of Php 2,000 to raise pigs in order to sustain the needs of the family and to finish her studies. Graduating in in 2004, Adora received the “Most Proficient in Dressmaking” Award, after graduation, she rented space for her own shop which she named CSN Dress Shop, located in front of the Antique National School, one of the largest schools in the province, The school immediately entered into a contract with Adora to provide uniforms for the teachers. This contract along with many walk-in customers allowed her to acces higher loans purchase more equipment and add staff.

By Joining INSOL Development Foundation, Inc. in 2005 availed of the management training seminars INSOL provides for micro-entrepreneurs. This along with passing TESDA,s, NCII Level in dress-making gave Adora more confidence in running her business. Now with 3 high speed sewing machines and a portable edge Adora has hired 5 employees, often for bulk orders, she adds extra staff. As she became more known for the quality of her work, Adora was asked to be the technical instructor for a dress-making course at St. Anthony’s College Technical Training Program,(SAC) and upon the invitation of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), became a resource person for Basic Training in Dressmaking and Embroidery. In her shop, she coaches the students of SAC TTP in their on-the-job training stint.

Working, at the an interisland bus booking station (RoRo) in Metro Manila , Adora’s husband comes home only 2 days in a month. Adora ably manages her time between being a Mother to their 3-year old daughter, Owner/Manager of her dress shop, Instructor, and sometimes Resource Speaker. She shows true independence as running her business by herself and making her own decisions. Now having completed a bachelor’s degree, despite poverty, working and studying at the same time, she is determined to succeed. Not only has she learned her craft well, attending to details and the quality of her work, with a definite social conscience she has also impartsher knowledge to students and the larger community.

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