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Loans are carefully designed so members can readily pay back on time. Credit discipline is encouraged and commended among members to enhance their sense of honor and dignity.

General Loan

  • General Loan

This loan is for income-generating activities of all active members  who are conscientious about their obligations. It can range from a minimum  of five-thousand (5,000) to twenty-five (25,000) pesos for ASHI 1 category, forty  thousand (40,000) to eighty thousand (80,000) for ASHI 2 category, and one hundred thousand (100,000)  for ASHI 3 category, with loan term choices of 12, 25, 50, 75, or 100 weeks for repayment, with 46% interest rate per annum at a diminishing rate.

  • AGAP Loan

This loan, which includes insurance and marketing assistance, helps poor farmers and fishermen in ASHI-covered areas. The Farmers Enterprise Program (FEP) and Farmers Livelihood Resiliency Program (FLRP) were introduced in partnership with local government units and private institutions and companies.

  • Quick Loan

This income-generating loan can be used only on a cash basis for such short-term business opportunities as fiesta sales, trade fairs, export  orders, etc. It is available to all active members with outstanding credit rating during the 3rd cycle of the current General Loan ASHI-1.

Incentive Loan

  • Incentive Loan

This loan is intended for house or toilet construction or repairs, electrical or water connection, and immediate family’s school expenses such as tuition and miscellaneous fees, uniform, school supplies, etc. It is available to all active, conscientious members during the 2nd cycle of the current General Loan for ASHI-1 members.

Special Loans

  • Special Loan

This loan can be availed of for all types of personal household needs, SSS/PhilHealth premium, family emergencies, and center hall construction and improvements. It comprises five types: 3K [3,000 thousand pesos] Loan; SSS/PhilHealth Premium Loan; Emergency Loan; Resiliency Loan; and Center Loan.


ASHI’S members are encouraged to save for the future. They may withdraw their savings deposited with ASHI as need arises.

  • Compulsory Fund

A regular savings deposited with ASHI, including the members’ contribution during the Group Orientation Training Program.

  • Center Fund

A regular weekly savings from the center’s members intended for such expenses as center hall beautification and allowance for leaders at monthly meetings with its branch.

  • Branch Fund

A regular weekly savings from the branch’s members intended for such activities as a branch’s anniversary or general assembly meeting.  This fund is kept in a separate bank account under the branch’s custody.

  • Personal Fund

A regular weekly savings that can be deposited with ASHI by a member at any time, either for payment to ASHI or for personal use.


ASHI enrolls its members in an insurance program which guarantees that their family will receive compensation should any untoward event happen.


ASHI continuously conducts various training programs for its members, for personal, social, spiritual and business development, as they grow their businesses, they are given financial literacy and business management training to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills.

Care for the environment is also a concern that is developed with ASHI members.