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In 2012, from various business of RTW retailer to food processing (siomai and churiso), Mrs. Salvacion Salazar ventured to restaurant business. They started the now well-known TAY INGO’s Manokan and Sea Food’s house in San Jose de Buenavista, Antique. Their competitive edge among various restaurant in town is the native chickens and fresh marine fishes as their main menu.

The story of Salvacion started 17 years ago when her husband convinced her to join Ahon sa Hirap Inc. From ASHI, she got a startup capital of Php 5,000. From this humble beginning, with the help of her supportive husband Nestor Angel O Salazar IV, they have been able to properly manage and grow their finances. Salvacion started with retailing RTW (ready to wear); then she moved on to making siomai and chorizo. Salvacion relates that during her start up years she worked late into the night to support their family’s needs. As their lot improved, Salvacion slowly acquired back the family lots which her late father in law had pawned when he entered politics some years back. More importantly, the Salazars retrieved their standing in the community.

Further enhancing their income was the rice produce from 5 hectares of rice land which they rented Php40,000 annually. With the combined profit from food processing and farming, the Salazars ventured into the restaurant business. By this time, Salvacion had already made an impressive credit rating in ASHI which granted her a P100,000 loan thereby augmenting their capital. So in 2012, TAY INGO’s Manokan and Sea food restaurant was opened.

With the income from farming and food processing business they were able to send their children outside the country to study and experience different cuisine and delicacies for their dreamed restaurant business.

TAY INGO’s Manokan and Sea Foods restaurant unusual menu opened up a business opportunity to the community where the Salazars reside. The restaurant made a name for its dishes which serve native chicken. which the restaurant famous menu were supplied by backyard poultry raiser from different barangays of nearby towns. The restaurant also cater the cluster of families who raised native chickens under the 4 P’s Sustainable Livelihood Program of Department of Social welfare and Development in San Remegio, Antique. This action of the couple serve as guaranteed market among native chicken growers in the community thus encourages them to raise more livestock because of the opportunity for income. Small fishermen also benefited because they directly bring their fish catches to the restaurant which guarantee them high price suited to the quality of fishes they sell. The restaurant also provides job opportunity to the community especially newly graduates and even help by accepting on the job training to students of nearby colleges.

Unlike other fresh graduates who look for job, Mrs. Salazar chose a married life right after college and she again experience a challenging life with her husband and 6 children. Her husband was the Barangay Captain at time when ASHI reach the area. They strive hard to set standard to their constituents. As she joins ASHI, she was given opportunities for alternative income up to the point of sharing it to her center members through Social development programs conducted during center meeting. They did not depend on the wealth of their relatives for their needs; instead they prove to them that they could stand on their own in raising their family. By building loan credibility in and outside of ASHI, they were able to slowly retrieve the pawned lot titles and able to put up “TAY INGO Manokan and Sea Foods House”. The profit from the 5 hectares rice land they have rented helps a lot in this major turning point in their life and the Php 100,000.00 loan from ASHI.

The couple gives back what they have today because they personally experience how it is liked to be in a less privilege situation. As Mrs. Salazar shares “ ako’y anak din ng isang “mananggete” , nagsikap ang aking tatay na igapang ang aming pag-aaral. Sampu kaming magkakapatid pero tinumbasan namin ang pag sisikap ni tatay, nag-aral kami lalo na ang panganay kong kapatid hanggang sa pina-aral din niya ang sumunod pang mga kapatid. Tinulungan namin ang isa’t-isa hanggang sa makatapos kami ng pag-aaral. “ I am a daughter of a “tuba” gatherer or locally familiar as “mananggete”. But my father is very persistent and determined to send us to school that’s why we reward him with our commitment to finish college. After our eldest successfully finished college, she helps each one of us to finish tertiary education.

Her restaurant business is a promising investment and is widely known in the province. In fact Mrs. Salvacion Salazar is renovating new TAY INGO’ manokan and sea food on its original place situated at Brgy. 2, San Jose Antique. Branch 2 at the town proper is also in an ongoing construction as expansion branch of her restaurant which targets the college students and young professionals in the town proper. Apart from that, Mrs. Salazar started her homemade ice cream on 2013 as their additional source of income and sweet delicacy for their restaurant. It is made from fruits available in the province or otherwise variety of flavors was ordered in Manila. She rented a small building turn into an ice cream house in front of a colleges. But during school vacation, she temporarily closed the area to avoid loss. An ice cream without label of TAY INGO is directly distributed in the Iloilo City and not here in Antique. According to Mrs. Salazar, she did not want to compete with her relative’s who are also into ice cream business. Their homemade ice cream taste extra ordinary and entails a promising future once properly labeled.

According to her,” ang manami nga relation kag pag tartar kang mga customer kag ang pagdumara nga may pagpalangga kag pag obligar sa mga kinahanglan kang tinawo ang sara ka sekreto kang madinalag-on nga negosyo,” courteous treatment and good customer relationship, respectable management to personnel and providing their needs is her little secret that attributes to her success. Since Mrs. Salazar is having an in-house personnel she treats them as their family members by providing enough food and convenient accommodations to guarantee quality service in return.


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