Vision and Mission


We are a community of servant leaders who have pioneered in, and continue to innovate, the principles of Grameen Banking. We are in solidarity with all marginalized women and their families for poverty alleviation and active participation in social amelioration.


Through micro-finance applying the Grameen Approach to credit delivery, we commit ourselves to:

  • Inspire marginalized women and their families to discover their God-given dignity and thereby empower them to rise from all forms of poverty and oppression and respond positively to social and environmental issues;
  • Create an environment that enhances the capabilities of women and their families; 
  • Deliver professional services in various fields of concern;
  • Integrate into our various programs the ASHI core values of personal integrity, social commitment, human dignity, excellence, and solidarity; and
  • Share our expertise and experience with other anti-poverty institutions and organizations.

Mission 2020

By 2020, we should have become a sustainable enterprise in resilient ASHI communities managed by a commited workforce with an extensive outreach offering innovative Grameen-based programs and products.