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Success Stories

Mrs. Apolonia Mendoza

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Paddling Through Rough Seas

Apolonia Valenzuela is a Laguna North Branch (LNB) member. Before her husband was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and a condition in the intestines, the family thrived through fishing. With aplastic anemia, her husband could no longer do heavy work. This challenge brought out the creativity and resourcefulness of Nanay Apolonia to carry on providing for the family.


She produced hanging planters from damaged fishing nets, which sold well among plant lovers called “plantitos” and “plantitas”. She cultivated different ornamental plants to sell and augment income.


The orderliness of her garden, the practice of proper waste segregation and disposal, and the innovative way of reusing and reducing waste gave her the edge in winning the regional “K” award. The cash prize was a welcome boon to Nanay Apolonia, who needed funds for medical expenses.

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