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Success Stories

Mrs. Teresa Granale

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Innovation Works Through Courage

Teresa Granale, a Rizal Southwest Branch (RSWB) member, is an optimistic and resourceful woman. With ten children, she just had to help provide for her family. Her hardworking husband was unable to find a regular job. Growing vegetables was one of the first things that came to Teresa’s mind to reduce food expenses. For this, she took advantage of the unused space near their house. She used recycled items such as bottles, pails, dippers, and even handbags as planters.


Through time, she increased her crops by adding medicinal and ornamental plants. When ASHI required each member to plant a tree for every General loan application, she religiously followed it by incorporating fruit-bearing trees in her garden. To protect the environment, she practices organic farming, proper waste segregation, and uses alternative energy as electricity source. Her husband, assembled pipes to channel water from the artesian well to their garden which relieved her from fetching water through some distance.


All these innovations made her win the ASHI “K” award. Bagging the prize as one of ASHI’s regional winners allowed her to purchase piglets to grow. She managed to buy a three-month supply of feeds and built a pigpen. She also purchased a grass cutter to save her effort and time in maintaining the garden. The tablet from Zonta, came in time for the virtual education of her grandchildren which was mandated because of the pandemic.

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