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Success Stories

Mrs. Vivian Marañon

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A Family that works together

Vivian Marañon, an Antique Southeast Branch (ASEB) member, is engaged in food vending, sewing, and farming. Her family assists her in developing their backyard vegetable garden, which has garnered many awards from the LGU and other government agencies. As early as 1994, the family received the “Model Household” award from the municipality for best practices in sanitation, gardening, and animal raising. The “K” award from ASHI is their latest. Nanay Vivian’s garden has served their community by distributing seedlings that supported food security during the pandemic.

Knowledge gained from various training and seminars and years of farming experience enabled Nanay Vivian and her family to adapt eco-friendly farming practices. 

They practice organic farming using vermicast and natural soil conditioners made from a mixture of animal manure, rice hull, and other organic matters.  The garden is made colorful from the creative conversion of waste materials into garden pots, decor, garden edgings, and plot dividers. Yard space is optimized using vertical and container gardening. The various colors and modified farming practices attract and inspire neighbors to visit and take pictures of Nanay Vivian’s garden. Occasionally, barangay officials hold meetings to enjoy the organic harvest, fresh air, and the inspiring and lovely sight of greens and vivid colors from the ingenious use of waste materials.

The cash prize was provident: used to purchase seedlings, flower pots, cooking pots, and chicken netting, funded their medicines when the couple got sick with Covid, assisted relatives when the LGU declared a lockdown. She even got an external memory gadget for her husband to use when conducting training and farming practices for students and the community. She also bought a bicycle for delivering products to customer.

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